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    Unlock your systems data and rediscover your Business!



Unlock your systems data and rediscover your Business with

The Business Discovery Toolkit

Subscribes to new knowledge economy principles, which drives the importance of information to create an efficient organisation and a sound economy. Based on mathematical algorithms, this toolkit offers the user an easy to navigate dashboard that simplifies your business statistics into a practical day-to-day management tool.

This unique solution was created over a period of 20 years and finds its roots in daily business practice. It includes sales analysis, inventory optimisation and analysis, easy to navigate financial and budget analysis and debtor and creditor analysis. CyberWiz Business Discovery has been proven to increase revenue by 16%, decrease operating cost by 20% and increase cash flow by 23% within the first financial year after implementation.

This toolkit has been successfully implemented in various industries within the public and private sectors including Travel, Telecoms, Motor Manufacturing, FMCG and Logistics.

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  • CyberWiz toolkit

    Business Discovery Toolkit

    Empower your employees to become Superheroes by giving them focused insights into improving their productivity across all areas of the business?

    Create real business intelligence, discover business opportunities and equip yourself with the information-at-your-fingertips required to make decisions towards a sound and profitable business and greatness.

Customer Growth

Retain, Expand & Differentiate.

Inventory Optimisation

Balancing capital investment, while taking demand and supply volatility into account.


Expert guidance to unlock your systems data and rediscover your business.

Business Dashboards

Optimise each function in your business by using data to monitor performance and make informed decisions.

CyberWiz Proven Results

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If just one of these results could be realised, what impact would it have on our business and how could they be realistically achieved?

Unlock your business with

Proven Results

The Business Discovery Toolkit - Live Customer Achievements

  • Business Discovery Dashboards

    Active Dashboards

    Many business managers strive to optimise their business operations, motivate staff, have happy customers, suppliers, and business partners. Unfortunately the information that they require to make informed decisions is often maddeningly illusive. They rely on mountains of paperwork, hours of data collation, cumbersome spreadsheets and mind numbing reports to get an insight into what’s really going on.

    Unprecedented visibility to current business performance at your fingertips.

  • Business Discovery Revenue Graphs

    Active Customer Graphs

    Unlocking the true business potential after deploying the business discovery toolkit.
    Incredible growth without changing your business systems.
    Information that empowers decision makers, to make informed decisions.

    Take your business to the next level.

  • Year on Year Sales Improvement

    Empower your employees to become Superheroes by giving them focused insights into improving their productivity across all areas of the business?
    Deliver the right information to the right person whenever they needed it.

    Monitoring sale comparisons ensuring exceptional profits.

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